Sakhir - Bahrain International Circuit

29.02.2024 - 02.03.2024
Bilety na trybunę i bilety wstępu ogólnego są oferowane jako drukowane @ bilety do domu, które zostaną przesłane pocztą elektroniczną.
Wszystkie rodzaje biletów zostaną wysłane najpóźniej na 10 dni przed danym wyścigiem, za bilety print@home nie będą pobierane koszty wysyłki.
Ważne zawiadomienie: *Data jest uzależniona od potwierdzenia przez FIA.


29.02.2024 - 02.03.2024 | Sakhir - Bahrain International Circuit

Going Out

Food and Drink:

Alcohol is widely available for non-Muslim adults over the age of 18 in most top-end restaurants and hotel bars in Manama. Drinking alcohol in public outside these establishments is prohibited.

National specialities:

Machbous: steamed fish or meat served with rice.
Muchammar: brown, sweet rice served with sugar or dates.
Baba ghanoush: smoked aubergine, pureed garlic, yoghurt and sesame paste.
Shawarma: lamb or chicken carved from a rotating spit and wrapped in flat bread.
Sambousa: crisp pastry cases filled with meat, cheese, sugar or nuts.


Restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas showing English and Arabic films can be found in the main towns.

Within the capital city, Manama, 'nightlife' generally refers to eating out with friends in some of the city's excellent restaurants, particularly in the Adliya district. Pick up a copy of TimeOut Bahrain for a listing of current favourites. There are also several fashionable nightclubs, mostly attached to hotels, which offer a mix of world music, house, R'n'B, hip hop and even the odd samba club. Live shows are advertised in the 'Nitelife' section of Bahrain This Month and in the English-language newspapers.

For something more 'highbrow', the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre ( features traditional music recitals and the five-star hotels often host quality acts from abroad. All top hotels have attractive bars featuring happy hour and live jazz or piano music.


There is a wide range of modern shopping complexes with imported luxury goods. Pearls are the main local speciality, used in finely wrought gold jewellery. Famous red clay pottery is available from the village of A'ali; hand-woven cloth from Bani Jamrah and textiles from Al-Jasra.

Manama is a great place for night shopping: just stroll through the labyrinthine streets behind Bab al-Bahrain to discover how locals spend their evenings bartering in the clothes, textiles and gold souks.

Usually trading hours for malls are 10am to 10pm; Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 10am to 12 midnight. Some shops are open for a few hours on Friday evenings in souks.