F1 Grand Prix Japonii

Suzuka - Suzuka Int. Racing Course

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F1 Grand Prix Japonii

24.09.2023 | Suzuka - Suzuka Int. Racing Course

*Data podlega potwierdzeniu przez FIA!

Top Things To See

Top Things To See:

In the mountains of central Japan, lies the remote yet picturesque area of Shirakawa-go, which is famous for its Gassho-zukuri farmhouses. These charming traditional houses have high and narrow thatched rooves – said to resemble gassho or hands together in prayer. This architectural style developed as a result of the heavy winter snows in the area, and also became a place to cultivate silk worms. Many of the still-inhabited farmhouses are open to the public for inspection and offer a fascinating glimpse of both traditional and modern rural life. In winter, hoards of photographers descend upon the villages of Shirakawa-go, to capture the farmhouses covered in snow. The farmhouses are also extremely photogenic in spring and summer.