MotoGP Walencji

Walencja - Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Bilety na trybunę i bilety wstępu ogólnego są oferowane jako drukowane @ bilety do domu, które zostaną przesłane pocztą elektroniczną.
Wszystkie rodzaje biletów zostaną wysłane najpóźniej na 10 dni przed danym wyścigiem, za bilety print@home nie będą pobierane koszty wysyłki.
Ważne zawiadomienie: *Data podlega potwierdzeniu przez FIM!

MotoGP Walencji

26.11.2023 | Walencja - Circuit Ricardo Tormo


Telephone: Country Code:

With mobile phones so widely used by locals and tourists alike, public payphones are no longer widely available in towns and cities. In the event that you need to use a payphone, you can purchase a telephone card from a grocery store.

Mobile Telephone:

Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. Coverage is good throughout most of the country. It is relatively easy to get a mobile phone to use temporarily in Spain. Most service providers like Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica offer prepaid SIM cards (that include data roaming). Spanish mobile numbers begin with 6.


Wi-Fi is ubiquitous across much of Spain, and is often available free of charge in hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Internet cafés are available in most urban areas.


Broadcasting in Spain has witnessed a spectacular expansion in recent years with the emergence of new commercial operators and the launch of digital services. The main TV broadcaster is the state-owned TVE which operates TV-1 and TV-2. Antena 3, La Cuatro, Telecinco and La Sexta are privately run channels.

English language papers include:
• Metropolitan in Barcelona and Madrid
• The Ibizan in Ibiza
• The Olive Press in Andalucia


There are efficient internal and international postal services to all countries from Spain. The postal service is generally cheap and efficient. The main postal company in Spain is Correos, but there are also private companies like Fedex and Sears for express delivery service. Airmail within Europe usually takes around five days.

Mon-Fri 0800-2000 and Sat 0800-1400.